Our Canal Barge Holiday

Today once school was finished for the holidays we went down to England and visited Jill and Aaron. For dinner we ordered some delicious curry. Then we went up for bed.

Saturday – In the morning we got some breakfast and then Grandma and Grandpa took Aidan and I to Liverpool. First we went on the Liverpool Eye then we went to a lovely sweet shop. After that we went on a bit of a walk. Later on we drove to the boat marina and we went to a place near there for lunch. After lunch we un-packed our stuff into the boat.

Our boat Ava and Aidan and I’s room.


After we had un-packed we were off!!!

We sailed our boat for half an hour then we moored by a lovely loch. After we moored we had a barbeque for dinner. Which was very nice. Then we went on a walk around the loch. Then we went to bed.

Sunday – We had a very early start this morning because there was a tunnel that takes 45 minutes to get through. While we were going through the tunnel Mum, Grandma and I played quirkle which we really enjoyed. Once we had finally got through the tunnel we made quesadillas for lunch. Then we cruised for the rest of the afternoon.For dinner we had fajitas.

Monday – Today we cruised for most of the morning which has been very relaxing. Then we moored the boat and went out for lunch. I had a delicious pulled pork burger. After lunch we cruised a bit further along the canal. Then we discovered that the canal was being closed further ahead so we moored there for the night. For the rest of the afternoon we explored Macclesfield. For dinner we had some delicious gammon. Then we went to bed.

Tuesday – Today we explored Macclesfield a bit more. First we bought some pies for dinner and then we explored a very nice church. After that we went to a sweet shop. later on we went to a very interesting Silk Museum. Afterwards we had some lunch. After that we started going the other direction. Meanwhile Mum and I walked along the side of the canal doing some geo-caching. For dinner we had some delicious steak pie and chicken pie.

Wednesday – Today we did the 12 locks. The locks took us about 2 hours. Then we had lunch. After lunch we set off again and Grandma, Mum and I did some more geo-caching. Then we went out for dinner. I had a Hawaiian Chicken Burger and then I had a Brownie for dessert. Then after a while we went to bed.

Thursday – Today was a more relaxing day. We explored Congleton. First we went to Victoria Mill and I got some very nice buttons. After that we to a lovely park and got some lunch. I shared a pizza with Grandpa. Then we got some cake. After that we went back to the boat and set off to one end of the tunnel. Once we arrived we moored the boat and had another barbeque. Then we went to bed.

Friday – Today is Aidan’s Birthday!!!!!!!!!! This morning we had bacon and eggs for breakfast. After breakfast we went through the tunnel again. While we were going through the tunnel Mum, Grandma, Aidan and I played quirkle. After we got through the tunnel we had lunch. Then we stayed in the boat for a bit. Later on we went on a walk round the loch. We stopped at a lovely cafe for afternoon tea. Then we set off to the marina so we could get some packing done early. Then we went out for dinner. I had a delicious steak pie. Then we bought a giant eclair for pudding. When we got back to the boat we split the eclair. Then we had to go to bed.

Saturday – Sadly today we had to leave our boat. πŸ™Β  So we had some breakfast. Then we packed the car. After that we said goodbye to our lovely boat and got in the car and went home.

Dancing Display

This year I had 5 dances to do. They were Ballet, Acrobatics, 2 tap preformances and jazz. All of which I love to do. I am currently in Grade 3 Ballet, Grade 2 tap, Silver Acro and Youth 1 jazz. I had many costumes this year. This is me and my friend Lyla in our costumes. I am on the left in one of my tap costumes. The next two pictures are of me and my friend Eildh. This is my ballet costume. I am on the right. This is my other tap costume. For my acro costume I wore white leggings with a blue leotard, orange wrist warmers, a white belt and pink ankle warmers. Finally for my Jazz costume I wore an orange crop top, a purple and yellow skirt, blue ankle warmers and pink fish net gloves. (Sadly I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of those two costumes). I really enjoyed the dancing display this year. : ) I hope that you enjoyed reading this post.

Our holiday in Banff

Saturday: Today we went to Banff! We got ready in the morning and off we went. It was a beautiful sunny day too.β˜‰ It was a very long journey there especially given we took the coastal route. It was very pretty though. When we arrived I went straight down to the beach and enjoy the sun.

It was really fun. Then Aidan and I un-packed. Later on Aidan and I went out on the beach to go check out the park. Then we came back and had a delicious dinner of steak pie. After dinner we played a fun game of Qwirkle and Mum won!!! After that we went to bed.

Sunday: Today we slept in. Then once we were all awake we had breakfast. We had poridge with brown sugar. After breakfast we played a game of Ticket to Ride. Dad won. Then we had lunch. For lunch we had steak pie remains and cheese and ham panini’s. After lunch we went on a lovely walk to Banff. There was lots of lovely views on our walk.

Once we got back from our walk we had afternoon tea. Then we had some time to relax. Later on we had dinner. It was absolutely delicious. Then we went on another lovely walk. After that we got back and had supper.

Monday: Today was lots of fun. We had normal breakfast. After breakfast we played a really fun game of Pandemic. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ After that we had toasties for lunch. Later on we went to Banff to go on a woodland walk. On our walk we passed an Ice House.

It was very interesting. Further along the walk we came across a Mausoleum. After that we went on a very long walk to get back to the car. Once we got back from the walk we went to the co-operative for afternoon tea. Dad and I had an oreo doughnut and Mum and Aidan had a salted caramel doughnut. They were delicious. Then once we got back to the caravan we relaxed. After that Aidan and I made gnocchi and cheese for dinner. Then we got ready for bed.

Tuesday: Today was lots of fun. For Breakfast we had DOUGHNUTS!!!!!! They were delicious. We had the doughnuts with cinnamon sugar and golden syrup. After that Dad made us a picnic lunch for in Peterhead. After that we went to Peterhead. Once we arrived we looked for the Eastern most point of Scotland. Sadly we couldn’t go right up to the edge because it was private. πŸ™ πŸ™ So after that we went to a nice view of the sea and had our lunch. Later on we went to Fraeserbrugh to do some geo-caching. We found all 5! By that time it was getting near to 5:00 so we headed back to the caravan. When we got back Dad made us Pork Stir Fry. It was delicious. Later on we played 3 games of Bananagrams. Then Aidan and I went to bed.

Wednesday: Today was AWESOME. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ For breakfast we had eggs and bacon. After that Dad and I went out on a walk which was really nice. When we came back Dad made us toasties for lunch. Later on we went to the Marine Aquarium. πŸ™‚ It was great when we arrived we saw lots of cool fish like: Rays, Sharks, Salmon and all kinds of others being fed. It was really fascinating watching the way they reacted to the food. Then we went and saw some other fish. Here are some pictures.

It was great fun. Afterwards we got ice cream and a drink. I had an original cornetto. Then we went back to Banff to go to a yarn shop. Aidan bought two lovely balls of yarn and I bought a purple, pink and white ball of yarn. After that we went back to the caravan. For dinner we had potato pie which was very nice. Then for pudding we had some pecan pie which Aidan made. It was absolutely delicious. Then we got ready for bed.

Thursday: Today was a bit sad because we were leaving Banff. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ So this morning we finished packing and Dad packed the car. Meanwhile Aidan and I had a last walk on the beach. Later on we had lunch. Then we went to Burgie house. On our way there we stopped at a silk art and pottery shop. I got lots of excellent craft ideas. Then we went back on our travels to burgie house.

Our Holiday in Galloway…

SATURDAY: On Saturday we went to a very nice cottage where we were staying for a week. Once we arrived it was quite late so we went to chippy for dinner. I got a cheese burger with chips, Aidan got haddock and chips, Dad had haggis burger and Mum had a chicken burger. Then once we enjoyed a delicious dinner we went to bed.

SUNDAY: Today after we got up we had a lazy morning and we all played Β some games and did some crafts. Later on we did go to a lovely beach in Garlieston. We went on a very nice long walk and Aidan and I touched some sea anenomies. They felt very wierd but really cool. Then once we got back we had a delicious dinner of fajitas. While we had dinner we were watching Strictly Come Dancing Results Show. After dinner we went to bed.

MONDAY: Today was my 11th Birthday and once we got up Aidan and I played a game of Quirkle and I won by 9 points! Then we went through to mum and dad’s room to open my birthday presents. Once we did that we went to a Chocolate Factory which was awesome. First we got lunch and then we actually got to make the chocolates. First we made these model chocolates of anything we liked out of Bunny, Frog, Train and Duck. Aidan and I both did trains and I did one half white chocolate and the other half milk chocolate. Then while we were letting them harden we decorated a chocolate bar. First we swirled the white chocolate together with the milk chocolate. Then we decorated Β them sweets. After that we let them harden as well and we decorated some marshmallows and when we were doing that Aidan said it looked like I was making something for a fancy resteraunt! After that we got everything back and put them in our bags. Then once we did that we played outside for a while then we went back to the cottage. For dinner we had chicken curry. Then we played a game of cluedo. After that we went to bed.

TUESDAY: Today we went on a 16mile bike ride which was a lot of fun but very tiring. On the cycle we first went on a cycle through the forest. Then we cycled to the beach and had lunch. After that we continued on our cycle and we went to Sorbie Tower which was very interesting. It also looked very detailed. then we cycled back to the cottage and had a delicious dinner of pork and noodles. After dinner we then played a game of banana grams. Then we went to bed.

WEDNESDAY: Today once we got up we went to some book shops which was lots of fun. Aidan got a candlemaking book and I got a night sky postcard and a book called IceBound Summer. Then we went home for lunch and we had squash soup and delicious bread. Then we went back out to go South. First we went to the Harbour. While we werre in the Harbour we went to a White Tower and got a very nice view. After that we went to St Ninnians beach which was absolutely beautiful.While we were there we went to St Ninnians cave which was rather small but vey pretty. Later on we went home.

THURSDAY: Today we went to a Gem Rock Museum. It was loads of fun. Once we got there we saw a lot of different crystals and gems. It was all very interesting but my favourite was the Rainbow Obsidion from Mexico. It was very fascinating to see all the tiny crystals inside the Amethsyst and in the Agate. After that we went into the Proffeser’s study and watched a very interesting 10 minute film. Then we went into a crystal cave. While we were in there I saw a piece of Amethyst just 4cm short of my hieght! Then we went into the gift shop and I got 4 things. I got: A piece of beautiful Citrine ( yellow gem ) a small piece of Peacock Ore, a small piece of Rose Quartz from the USA and some regular Quartz also from the USA. Aidan got an incredible piece of Peacock Ore which had lots of beautiful colours in it like blues and greens and a gorgeous pink! Later on after lunch we went on a lovely walk through a beautiful forest. We saw so many beautiful views. Then we went home and had a delicious dinner.

FRIDAY: Today we went to the most southernly point in Scotland (we went to the hard to access one though – there were easier points claiming the title)! It was lots of fun and there were loads of incredible views. The reason why we went to the hard to access one is because we were going to the most southernly geocache in Scotland. We were walking along a cliff edge but there was a pretty big gap in between us and the cliffs edge, so we were quite safe. We saw a spectacular view though. Sadly we didn’t get the geocache because it was a bit too dangerous to get it. After we got back from that we went to the gift shop. Aidan got a model puffin with a sailor’s hat on, and I got a really pretty keyring which made it looked like it had a rainbow on it even though it didn’t. After that we went to a place called Stranraer. It was lots of fun seeing the town which looked beautiful. It was also right next to a beach which was really cool. Then we went back to Sorbie (the place we were staying in) and went out for dinner at a place called The Pheasant. It is an Italian resteraunt. It was absolutely delicious the food we had. Aidan had salmon for his starter Dad and I had a Faggatini which was a pastry box with sausage meat and broccoli inside. Mum had lots of cured meats. Then for the main Mum and I had flat gnocchi in a blue cheese sauce. Aidan had Taglatelli Carbonara and Dad had Pork Saltimbocca which is pork with salami on top which tasted incredible. After that we went back to the cottage.

SATURDAY: Today once we got up we packed the car and before we left the owner of the cottage came by and gave us some pancakes and tablet. After that we went back home.

Holiday in Ireland

Today we went on a plane to Ireland.

Here is a picture of the plane.

It was about 1 hour long. Once we arrived we got picked up by our friend Josh. Then we went to bed. The next day we went to the park with all the other kids. It was really fun, we played all sorts of different games. Then we went home for lunch. Later on we went up a lovely hill and got lots of incredible views then we got some ice cream. After  that we went back to there house for dinner. For dinner we had Cheese burgers. Then we all got ready for bed.

On Monday we went into Dublin and first we went onto the Open Roof Bus Tour which was very interesting. Later on we went for lunch and I had Thai curry with noodles – which was delicious. Then we went to a very nice park. Later on we went to the Guiness Museum which was pretty interesting especially when we saw the massive amount of Barley and a water fall.

Then we continued to explore. Later, on the way back on the bus, we played the seven second challenge. Then for dinner we had chille con carne.

On Tuesday morning Amy, Daniel, Aidan and I all built a fort to sleep in. Later on we went for a walk along the pier. Which was really fun and we caught lots of water type pokemon. Then we got some really flufy ice cream. Later on we went to the park. So Amy, Daniel and I all went straight to the basket swing and we basically spent the entire time on it! Then we took the bus back and we all played seven second challenge again. Then for dinner we had a green Thai curry with noodles. Then for pudding we had caramel ice cream which was delicious. Later on we watched Star Wars 6. After that Aidan and Daniel slept in the fort.

Then on Wednesday morning we said our goodbyes because we where travelling to Belfast. First we went to a Science Museum with Dad’s friends from NZ. Later on at the gift shop I bought a Pin art thing. Later on we went to a place for afternoon tea with them. Then we went to the train station. Thankfully we got to our train on time but we had not had dinner. So we ended up buying dinner on the train. Aidan and I both had a cheese and bacon toastie. Once we arrived, we went to the Premier Inn. Then mum and dad went to Tesco to buy us some supper. 

Then on Thursday we went on an Open Top Bus Tour. This is one of the buildings we saw.(There has been a bit of editing in this we did not use an old fashioned camera).

Then we got of at stop number 4 to go to the Titanic Museum which was really interesting. Here is some pictures. (This is the outside of the Titanic Museum)

                                                                                      (This is the Titanic Sign thing)
Then we had a delicious lunch. Later on we hopped back on the bus and continued the city tour which was really interesting. Like there was a really long wall with lots of art that might be destroyed in 6 years. Then we went to a very nice restraunt for dinner. We all had pizza.

Then on Friday morning we went to a market and I got some stamps. Then for lunch we had savoury crepes. Then we went  went back to Josh and Mel’s for dinner. Later on Josh and Mel went out for a dessert. While Mum and Dad looked after us all.

Then on Saturday we had a lazy morning. Later on we made some delicious bramble tarts with hand whipped cream. After that we went on a lovely walk to the beach. Aidan, Noah, Cassia and I all went and swam I the sea. It was so much fun. Then we went back home for a delicious dinner. Then a bramble tart with the cream. Later on weed all said goodbye given we had to go really early in the morning. 

(Sunday) Today we got up at 5.15 because our flight was at 7.45. A taxi came for us to take us to the airport which is about 1 hour away. Once we got to the airport we got breakfast. I had a pain aux chocolat and Aidan had a croissant

After that we had to go to our gate to board or plane. Then we had a safe flight home.                                                                                                                                                                    



Holiday in Liverpool

We are in Liverpool! We had a very fun travel from Caenarfon to Liverpool which Aidan will explain about in his blog post. Anyway today [Wednesday 6th July] we had a delicious breakfast then we got ready to go out to Formby. Once we arrived at Formby we went to the beach which was really fun. Mum and Dad sat around on the bank though. Then after that we went on a very nice walk around the place and we saw a red squirrel which was really cool. Then later on we got some ice cream; I had a chocolate sundae and Aidan had just a vanilla ice cream with a flake in a cone. Then we went back home. For dinner we had a chicken stir fry which was very nice.

The next day it was AIDAN’S BIRTHDAY. So later after a bit of a lie-in we went to the center of Liverpool. First we went on the Wheel of Liverpool which was really fun even if I was a bit scared the first time we went round. Then we went into the Beatles Story Museum which was really fascinating. Then we went home to pick up Mum’s new phone. Later on we went back to Liverpool for afternoon tea (it was delicious). Aidan had a Rocky Road Sundae which he shared a bit with me and I had a Lemon Curd Cheesecake. Then we stopped by a Liverpool Rock place. Aidan got some Liverpool rock, sugar mouse, with choclate sprinkle disks and a broken chocolate piece. I got some sour blue raspberry bubble gum and a packet of blue raspberry nerds and tropical punch nerds. Then we went back home for dinner.

On Friday we went to Blackpool. First we went to the Blackpool Tower which was awesome. We then went all the way to the top of the tower which was awesome but it was freezing even though it had an incredible view. After that we went to the tower gift shop and I got a mini Blackpool tower and an ice cream flavoured Blackpool rock. Then after that we went to the Tower Ballroom which looked very grand. Later on we went on a tram to Pleasure Beach fun park. The beach itself was sadly was closed because it was high tide. Instead we went to the central pier which was awesome first Aidan and I went on the Dodgems which was awesome then we went on a ride called Extreme which was really fun but a bit scary. Then we got 10 fresh donuts and a lemon and lime slushie. Then on our way back we went through an arcade. Dad said to try not to get distracted but we failed I did a coin drop machine that had other prizes in it to. I spent about 5 mins on it and I then won a crystal lizard keyring. Then we went on a long walk which was really fun. Then we went to a shop to buy some Blackpool rock for my friends. Then we went home for dinner.

On Saturday we had a lazy morning because we where feeling quite tired from all the travelling.Then in the afternoon we went to a place called Knowsley Safari Park. Which was really fun. We saw lots of different animals like Rhino’s, Camels & lions. Here are 4 pictures.


Then we went to the gift shop & Aidan bought a snow globe. I didn’t buy anything but I did do a coin press for Knowsley Safari Park. Then we had a nice journey home.

Aviemore Weekend

This weekend we went to Aviemore with Grandma & Grandpa. On Friday when we arrived it was very late. For supper Aidan & I had cheese & crackers which was very nice. Then the next day I woke up at 9:00 & Aidan woke up at 8:45. For breakfast we had toast. Later we went on a very nice walk thhrough the woods, it was really fun. We got to see lots of lovely views. Then for lunch Grandma, Grandpa, Mum & Dad sat on a bench & we found some roots to sit on with a lovely view over the loch. For lunch I had a cheese & salami & Aidan had a tuna mayo wrap. Then we went to get ice cream: Dad & I had a double caramel ice cream & Aidan & Mum had a cornetto each. Then we got back to our lodge to relax & Aidan & Grandpa played a game of chess. Then for dinner we had steak pie & chicken pie. Then after dinner we went on another walk down to the river. It was a lot different from last time. Then Grandma, Grandpa and Mum went to the Wood Shed ( The Bar ) while dad took Aidan & I home. Later Grandpa came home because Mum & Grandma wanted some girly time. Then on Sunday Aidan & I got out of bed by 9:00. For brunch we had bacon, eggs & toast. Then we packed up & left the lodge. Later on we all went to a cafe for early afternoon tea. I had a lint chocolate cake with cream, Aidan had carrot cake & Mum & Dad had a Chocolate Dream cake.Then once we finished we bought some plants then went home.

Dancing Display

On Monday and Tuesday I had my dancing display it was lots of fun though very tiring. My first dance was my graded tap dance. Here it’s a picture of my costume.


Then I had my jazz dance. It was a really fun jumpy dance. The song I was doing it to was called Cowboy! I really liked the costume even though it was itchy. Here’s a picture of the costume.


In part two my ballet dance was the second dance on. I was doing it to Swedish Rhapsody. I loved my costume even though the bottom half of the tutu was really itchy even wearing ballet tights! Here’s a picture of the costume.


Then my final dance was my other tap dance. The song I was doing it to was called USA. I really liked this costume. It was my favorite costume. Here’s a picture of the costume.



Then there was the finally. We had to stand on stage for ages. This was my favorite over all outfit though because it was really comfy. Here’s a picture of it.





Last School Term & Holidays

This is the last term of school & we are all really excited for school to be over. Our topic right now is the Olympics. We are all really enjoying it. At one point we were told that we were going to be learning Spanish given the Olympics are being held in Rio. We haven’t started learning Spanish yet though. For our homework we were told to make an Olympic themed bard game. Mine is a cross between Monopoly & Questioner. It has lots of easy & hard questions in it but its played like Monopoly. It is really fun & I have almost finished it. I’m really happy I’ve nearly finished it because its 1 less thing I have to do.

Everyone can’t wait for the final assembly of the year! Its because that’s when all the P6’s find out who are going to be the new school captains are as well as vice captains, house captains, events captain & ambassador. When Aidan was in P7 he was an ambassador. Ambassadors help out at open afternoons & lots of other stuff as well. I can’t wait to take all the stuff home that I’ve made this year! We also get to meet our new teacher soon!

This year we’ve got lots of plans for our Summer Holidays. First we are going to Wales, it is the first time in years that we have went. Then we are going to Liverpool to visit some friends & see the place. Then we are going camping somewhere near Braemar for 3 nights. Then we are going to Dublin in Ireland to visit Josh, Mel & kids. Then later after we get back from Ireland Aidan & I will be going to holiday club. Then we will be going back to school after holiday club is over. I imagine we will be very tired after all of that.

The Final Part of our Trip

This is what we did when we were visiting some friends in New Zealand.

Then once we left Auckland we went to the glow worm caves which was absolutely beautiful and very fascinating. After that we went to see Mel and her kids Amy, Daniel, Noah and Cassia. Amy was 14, Daniel was 12, Noah was 8 and Cassia is 5. I spent lots of my time with Amy staying away from the boys. First Amy and I built a fort which was really cosy meanwhile the boys where setting up pranks. Then Amy and went out on a walk for 10 minutes then we had dinner. The next day we went to a river and went on a long walk to the caves. Then on the way back Amy, Noah, Daniel and I ran of ahead pretending there was a Zombie apocalypse. Then we went swimming in the river which was really cold first I went body boarding with Amy then we went on the rope swing. Aidan didn’t want to do it so I got ready to do it but I slipped just above the water and it was actually really fun. So I did it again I slipped but I let go too late and bashed my knee which feels much better now. Then we went back and Amy and I made rainbow cupcakes while the boys were out building a den. Then when they came back we put yucky stuff into their water to get them back for the other pranks. Then we said goodbye and went to see some other friends.

Then we met some friends of ours called Benjamin and Toby. They were really fun to play with. It was really funny to watch and help them out when fighting each other. Then we spent quite a while playing a game called Geometry Dash making levels for each other. One of my favourite parts was sleeping in a tent outside with Benjamin and Toby for two nights. The next day we went to church after that we had lunch then played some darts which I really enjoyed. Aidan was with Toby and I was with Benjamin. Aidan and Toby weren’t that good whereas Benjamin and I were very good. Later that day I showed them my back bend and asked them to try and do a bridge. I have to admit that they weren’t that good though I know that they did their best. Then we had dinner with Auntie Elspeth and some of her friends which was delicious. Then the next day she came to say goodbye to us which I thought was very kind.

After that we went to see Hannah and Alethea. Hannah is 9 and she had an adorable pet rabbit plus a swimming pool! Then we spent the rest of the day chatting. The next day we went up a mountain and went exploring. Then we went to get a fresh fruit ice cream. Then when we got back we went swimming in their pool. Which was so much fun. Then we went back to Auckland and the next day we went to the Zoo which was so cool we even saw Kiwis. Then the next day we said our goodbyes and hopped onto the plane.