Our holiday in Banff

Saturday: Today we went to Banff! We got ready in the morning and off we went. It was a beautiful sunny day too.☉ It was a very long journey there especially given we took the coastal route. It was very pretty though. When we arrived I went straight down to the beach and enjoy the sun.

It was really fun. Then Aidan and I un-packed. Later on Aidan and I went out on the beach to go check out the park. Then we came back and had a delicious dinner of steak pie. After dinner we played a fun game of Qwirkle and Mum won!!! After that we went to bed.

Sunday: Today we slept in. Then once we were all awake we had breakfast. We had poridge with brown sugar. After breakfast we played a game of Ticket to Ride. Dad won. Then we had lunch. For lunch we had steak pie remains and cheese and ham panini’s. After lunch we went on a lovely walk to Banff. There was lots of lovely views on our walk.

Once we got back from our walk we had afternoon tea. Then we had some time to relax. Later on we had dinner. It was absolutely delicious. Then we went on another lovely walk. After that we got back and had supper.

Monday: Today was lots of fun. We had normal breakfast. After breakfast we played a really fun game of Pandemic. 🙂 🙂 🙂 After that we had toasties for lunch. Later on we went to Banff to go on a woodland walk. On our walk we passed an Ice House.

It was very interesting. Further along the walk we came across a Mausoleum. After that we went on a very long walk to get back to the car. Once we got back from the walk we went to the co-operative for afternoon tea. Dad and I had an oreo doughnut and Mum and Aidan had a salted caramel doughnut. They were delicious. Then once we got back to the caravan we relaxed. After that Aidan and I made gnocchi and cheese for dinner. Then we got ready for bed.

Tuesday: Today was lots of fun. For Breakfast we had DOUGHNUTS!!!!!! They were delicious. We had the doughnuts with cinnamon sugar and golden syrup. After that Dad made us a picnic lunch for in Peterhead. After that we went to Peterhead. Once we arrived we looked for the Eastern most point of Scotland. Sadly we couldn’t go right up to the edge because it was private. 🙁 🙁 So after that we went to a nice view of the sea and had our lunch. Later on we went to Fraeserbrugh to do some geo-caching. We found all 5! By that time it was getting near to 5:00 so we headed back to the caravan. When we got back Dad made us Pork Stir Fry. It was delicious. Later on we played 3 games of Bananagrams. Then Aidan and I went to bed.

Wednesday: Today was AWESOME. 🙂 🙂 🙂 For breakfast we had eggs and bacon. After that Dad and I went out on a walk which was really nice. When we came back Dad made us toasties for lunch. Later on we went to the Marine Aquarium. 🙂 It was great when we arrived we saw lots of cool fish like: Rays, Sharks, Salmon and all kinds of others being fed. It was really fascinating watching the way they reacted to the food. Then we went and saw some other fish. Here are some pictures.

It was great fun. Afterwards we got ice cream and a drink. I had an original cornetto. Then we went back to Banff to go to a yarn shop. Aidan bought two lovely balls of yarn and I bought a purple, pink and white ball of yarn. After that we went back to the caravan. For dinner we had potato pie which was very nice. Then for pudding we had some pecan pie which Aidan made. It was absolutely delicious. Then we got ready for bed.

Thursday: Today was a bit sad because we were leaving Banff. 🙁 🙁 🙁 So this morning we finished packing and Dad packed the car. Meanwhile Aidan and I had a last walk on the beach. Later on we had lunch. Then we went to Burgie house. On our way there we stopped at a silk art and pottery shop. I got lots of excellent craft ideas. Then we went back on our travels to burgie house.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely holiday, Megan! I particularly enjoyed hearing about all the games you played and seeing the photo of you and Aidan outside the ice house.


    –Aunty Heather

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