Last School Term & Holidays

This is the last term of school & we are all really excited for school to be over. Our topic right now is the Olympics. We are all really enjoying it. At one point we were told that we were going to be learning Spanish given the Olympics are being held in Rio. We haven’t started learning Spanish yet though. For our homework we were told to make an Olympic themed bard game. Mine is a cross between Monopoly & Questioner. It has lots of easy & hard questions in it but its played like Monopoly. It is really fun & I have almost finished it. I’m really happy I’ve nearly finished it because its 1 less thing I have to do.

Everyone can’t wait for the final assembly of the year! Its because that’s when all the P6’s find out who are going to be the new school captains are as well as vice captains, house captains, events captain & ambassador. When Aidan was in P7 he was an ambassador. Ambassadors help out at open afternoons & lots of other stuff as well. I can’t wait to take all the stuff home that I’ve made this year! We also get to meet our new teacher soon!

This year we’ve got lots of plans for our Summer Holidays. First we are going to Wales, it is the first time in years that we have went. Then we are going to Liverpool to visit some friends & see the place. Then we are going camping somewhere near Braemar for 3 nights. Then we are going to Dublin in Ireland to visit Josh, Mel & kids. Then later after we get back from Ireland Aidan & I will be going to holiday club. Then we will be going back to school after holiday club is over. I imagine we will be very tired after all of that.

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