Holiday in Ireland

Today we went on a plane to Ireland.

Here is a picture of the plane.

It was about 1 hour long. Once we arrived we got picked up by our friend Josh. Then we went to bed. The next day we went to the park with all the other kids. It was really fun, we played all sorts of different games. Then we went home for lunch. Later on we went up a lovely hill and got lots of incredible views then we got some ice cream. After  that we went back to there house for dinner. For dinner we had Cheese burgers. Then we all got ready for bed.

On Monday we went into Dublin and first we went onto the Open Roof Bus Tour which was very interesting. Later on we went for lunch and I had Thai curry with noodles – which was delicious. Then we went to a very nice park. Later on we went to the Guiness Museum which was pretty interesting especially when we saw the massive amount of Barley and a water fall.

Then we continued to explore. Later, on the way back on the bus, we played the seven second challenge. Then for dinner we had chille con carne.

On Tuesday morning Amy, Daniel, Aidan and I all built a fort to sleep in. Later on we went for a walk along the pier. Which was really fun and we caught lots of water type pokemon. Then we got some really flufy ice cream. Later on we went to the park. So Amy, Daniel and I all went straight to the basket swing and we basically spent the entire time on it! Then we took the bus back and we all played seven second challenge again. Then for dinner we had a green Thai curry with noodles. Then for pudding we had caramel ice cream which was delicious. Later on we watched Star Wars 6. After that Aidan and Daniel slept in the fort.

Then on Wednesday morning we said our goodbyes because we where travelling to Belfast. First we went to a Science Museum with Dad’s friends from NZ. Later on at the gift shop I bought a Pin art thing. Later on we went to a place for afternoon tea with them. Then we went to the train station. Thankfully we got to our train on time but we had not had dinner. So we ended up buying dinner on the train. Aidan and I both had a cheese and bacon toastie. Once we arrived, we went to the Premier Inn. Then mum and dad went to Tesco to buy us some supper. 

Then on Thursday we went on an Open Top Bus Tour. This is one of the buildings we saw.(There has been a bit of editing in this we did not use an old fashioned camera).

Then we got of at stop number 4 to go to the Titanic Museum which was really interesting. Here is some pictures. (This is the outside of the Titanic Museum)

                                                                                      (This is the Titanic Sign thing)
Then we had a delicious lunch. Later on we hopped back on the bus and continued the city tour which was really interesting. Like there was a really long wall with lots of art that might be destroyed in 6 years. Then we went to a very nice restraunt for dinner. We all had pizza.

Then on Friday morning we went to a market and I got some stamps. Then for lunch we had savoury crepes. Then we went  went back to Josh and Mel’s for dinner. Later on Josh and Mel went out for a dessert. While Mum and Dad looked after us all.

Then on Saturday we had a lazy morning. Later on we made some delicious bramble tarts with hand whipped cream. After that we went on a lovely walk to the beach. Aidan, Noah, Cassia and I all went and swam I the sea. It was so much fun. Then we went back home for a delicious dinner. Then a bramble tart with the cream. Later on weed all said goodbye given we had to go really early in the morning. 

(Sunday) Today we got up at 5.15 because our flight was at 7.45. A taxi came for us to take us to the airport which is about 1 hour away. Once we got to the airport we got breakfast. I had a pain aux chocolat and Aidan had a croissant

After that we had to go to our gate to board or plane. Then we had a safe flight home.                                                                                                                                                                    



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