First soldering!

Aidan learned to solder today! Last week he bought a Micro-Robot kit from Maplin (supplied by MUTR), and he’s been desperate all week for me to teach him to solder. Finally this afternoon we did it – and he did a great job! He did 19 of the 20 solder joints in the kit, and they’re nearly all excellent!

We’ve all had plenty of fun playing with the resulting robot too, and I’m full of ideas of attaching it to an Arduino.

Aidan and his electronics

Hello everyone, my name is Aidan!

I have made a multimeter. You can hold one of the cables, hold someone’s hand, and they hold the other cable and the light will shine! If there’s a big voltage the light will be bright. The smaller the voltage the darker.

This is my radio! My daddy and I made it. You can change the radio station. You can hear music.