Address to the Lassies

Aidan gave his Address to the Lassies at the Wallacestone Primary 7 Burns Supper and Ceilidh tonight. It went brilliantly! See the video on Youtube. We’re so proud – so many people have told us how good it is and how well he delivered it. Thank you to all who helped and supported!

Here is the text – he wrote it all himself.

To the Lassies of Wallacestone,

I would like to wish a good evening to you all,
And I hope that you are having a ball;
I would like to say thank-you, like a perfect gent,
For making this such a fantastic event!

But the Wallacestone Lassies, I must admit,
Are often annoying, and pushy (a bit);
You seem to think you are always right,
And you never give in without a fight!

Now don’t get me started about your make-up and stuff,
You spend hours staring at mirrors – it must be rough!
And can you imagine wearing every single day –
All those weird powders and strange-looking sprays!

And hairstyles, you love to change them so many times,
You try more in a week than me in all my years combined;
You buy lotions and curlers, bows, ribbons and pins,
Not to mention mountains of bottles and tins!

Your obsession with phones seems absurd to me,
Constantly calling and texting – just as if it’s free;
You seem to spend a fortune just texting ‘Hi’ to a friend,
Whereas us laddies, it’s only important things we ever send!

Now your love for shopping takes you both near and far,
But to me shopping for shopping’s sake is totally bizarre;
You seem to buy a new pair of shoes every day,
Or maybe not that much, but it’s still loads to pay!

Now after all that, I must confess,
This was probably not the kindest address;
But Wallacestone Lassies, without a doubt,
You’re actually great lassies to be about!

Kind and helpful, and caring I know,
The bonnie Wallacestone Lassies are the heart of this show;
I thank you for listening, I hope you enjoyed,
And now to the lassies, a toast from the boys!

Creative Commons License
Wallacestone Address to the Lassies by Aidan Wansbrough (27 Jan 2015) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Megan’s concert

This is me in my concert.I was a narrator in it.It was wonderful to be perfoming on stage.

This is me talking on stage with penguins behind me. And below is a picture of both two classes. I really enjoyed it.I wonder when you will do one.

The polar bears were amazing! You should have seen the penguins they were amazing too.

Class Celebrity

Aidan was Class Celebrity in P4B this week. Everyone wrote something good about him on an A3 poster which he brought home with him on Friday. We’re so proud!

“Interesting, cool, clever, speedy, kind, smart, nice, awesome,fast, …” That’s our boy!

Aidan’s Big Adventure!

Hi from New Zealand!

– Aidan wearing his school uniform on the first day of term –

I’m now living in Manapau Street, which is in the suburb of Meadowbank, in Auckland. Auckland is the biggest city, but not the capital of New Zealand. Meadowbank is quite close to the centre of Auckland, but when you see my walk to school, it doesn’t look like Glasgow or Edinburgh at all! It’s all so green!

– The walk to school –

I started going to Meadowbank Primary School. It’s quite a big school, and most of the buildings only have one storey. I go to the Junior side of the school, which is where years 0, 1, 2 and 3 are. Year 0 is like Nursery school, for when you turn five. You start school on your fifth birthday in New Zealand. Then you start Year 1 (Primary 1) in the January following that. I’m in Year 1, in Room 20.

– Aidan’s classroom –

To get to the Junior side of the school I have to walk through the senior side of the school, then down one side of a gully and up the other side. The gully has a special trail made in it, and we sometimes go down there with our teacher to go on bug hunts! There are lots of bugs here (especially cicadas 🙂 and mosquitos 🙁 ).

– A cicada skin –

My new teacher is Miss Coster (but once or twice a week I have Miss Bracewell instead), and there are 24 children in my class – 12 boys and 12 girls. I wear green shorts, either a green and white striped poloshirt or a red one, sandals, and a bucket hat when I go to school. And of course, sunblock! It’s summer here, and if we want to play outside we have to wear our hats.

Everyone takes a packed lunch to school, and we eat it outside sitting in the shade. Then we’re allowed to go and play – we have a great climbing frame just outside our class room! Every second Friday some of the parents from the PTA get together and do a Sausage Sizzle for lunch – I had this on Friday – it was yummy.

– The playground –

I’m learning lots of the same kind of things I learned in Scotland – how to read and write, and we go to the school library once a week, and have news time, music, and P.E., and assembly.

I really like my new school, but I miss my friends back in Scotland too.

Aidan x