Aviemore Weekend

This weekend we went to Aviemore with Grandma & Grandpa. On Friday when we arrived it was very late. For supper Aidan & I had cheese & crackers which was very nice. Then the next day I woke up at 9:00 & Aidan woke up at 8:45. For breakfast we had toast. Later we went on a very nice walk thhrough the woods, it was really fun. We got to see lots of lovely views. Then for lunch Grandma, Grandpa, Mum & Dad sat on a bench & we found some roots to sit on with a lovely view over the loch. For lunch I had a cheese & salami & Aidan had a tuna mayo wrap. Then we went to get ice cream: Dad & I had a double caramel ice cream & Aidan & Mum had a cornetto each. Then we got back to our lodge to relax & Aidan & Grandpa played a game of chess. Then for dinner we had steak pie & chicken pie. Then after dinner we went on another walk down to the river. It was a lot different from last time. Then Grandma, Grandpa and Mum went to the Wood Shed ( The Bar ) while dad took Aidan & I home. Later Grandpa came home because Mum & Grandma wanted some girly time. Then on Sunday Aidan & I got out of bed by 9:00. For brunch we had bacon, eggs & toast. Then we packed up & left the lodge. Later on we all went to a cafe for early afternoon tea. I had a lint chocolate cake with cream, Aidan had carrot cake & Mum & Dad had a Chocolate Dream cake.Then once we finished we bought some plants then went home.

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  1. Dear Megan,

    Thanks for all the blog posts you’ve done recently! It’s fun to hear about what you’ve been doing 🙂

    Lots of love,

    –Aunty Heather.

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