Our Holiday in Galloway…

SATURDAY: On Saturday we went to a very nice cottage where we were staying for a week. Once we arrived it was quite late so we went to chippy for dinner. I got a cheese burger with chips, Aidan got haddock and chips, Dad had haggis burger and Mum had a chicken burger. Then once we enjoyed a delicious dinner we went to bed.

SUNDAY: Today after we got up we had a lazy morning and we all played  some games and did some crafts. Later on we did go to a lovely beach in Garlieston. We went on a very nice long walk and Aidan and I touched some sea anenomies. They felt very wierd but really cool. Then once we got back we had a delicious dinner of fajitas. While we had dinner we were watching Strictly Come Dancing Results Show. After dinner we went to bed.

MONDAY: Today was my 11th Birthday and once we got up Aidan and I played a game of Quirkle and I won by 9 points! Then we went through to mum and dad’s room to open my birthday presents. Once we did that we went to a Chocolate Factory which was awesome. First we got lunch and then we actually got to make the chocolates. First we made these model chocolates of anything we liked out of Bunny, Frog, Train and Duck. Aidan and I both did trains and I did one half white chocolate and the other half milk chocolate. Then while we were letting them harden we decorated a chocolate bar. First we swirled the white chocolate together with the milk chocolate. Then we decorated ┬áthem sweets. After that we let them harden as well and we decorated some marshmallows and when we were doing that Aidan said it looked like I was making something for a fancy resteraunt! After that we got everything back and put them in our bags. Then once we did that we played outside for a while then we went back to the cottage. For dinner we had chicken curry. Then we played a game of cluedo. After that we went to bed.

TUESDAY: Today we went on a 16mile bike ride which was a lot of fun but very tiring. On the cycle we first went on a cycle through the forest. Then we cycled to the beach and had lunch. After that we continued on our cycle and we went to Sorbie Tower which was very interesting. It also looked very detailed. then we cycled back to the cottage and had a delicious dinner of pork and noodles. After dinner we then played a game of banana grams. Then we went to bed.

WEDNESDAY: Today once we got up we went to some book shops which was lots of fun. Aidan got a candlemaking book and I got a night sky postcard and a book called IceBound Summer. Then we went home for lunch and we had squash soup and delicious bread. Then we went back out to go South. First we went to the Harbour. While we werre in the Harbour we went to a White Tower and got a very nice view. After that we went to St Ninnians beach which was absolutely beautiful.While we were there we went to St Ninnians cave which was rather small but vey pretty. Later on we went home.

THURSDAY: Today we went to a Gem Rock Museum. It was loads of fun. Once we got there we saw a lot of different crystals and gems. It was all very interesting but my favourite was the Rainbow Obsidion from Mexico. It was very fascinating to see all the tiny crystals inside the Amethsyst and in the Agate. After that we went into the Proffeser’s study and watched a very interesting 10 minute film. Then we went into a crystal cave. While we were in there I saw a piece of Amethyst just 4cm short of my hieght! Then we went into the gift shop and I got 4 things. I got: A piece of beautiful Citrine ( yellow gem ) a small piece of Peacock Ore, a small piece of Rose Quartz from the USA and some regular Quartz also from the USA. Aidan got an incredible piece of Peacock Ore which had lots of beautiful colours in it like blues and greens and a gorgeous pink! Later on after lunch we went on a lovely walk through a beautiful forest. We saw so many beautiful views. Then we went home and had a delicious dinner.

FRIDAY: Today we went to the most southernly point in Scotland (we went to the hard to access one though – there were easier points claiming the title)! It was lots of fun and there were loads of incredible views. The reason why we went to the hard to access one is because we were going to the most southernly geocache in Scotland. We were walking along a cliff edge but there was a pretty big gap in between us and the cliffs edge, so we were quite safe. We saw a spectacular view though. Sadly we didn’t get the geocache because it was a bit too dangerous to get it. After we got back from that we went to the gift shop. Aidan got a model puffin with a sailor’s hat on, and I got a really pretty keyring which made it looked like it had a rainbow on it even though it didn’t. After that we went to a place called Stranraer. It was lots of fun seeing the town which looked beautiful. It was also right next to a beach which was really cool. Then we went back to Sorbie (the place we were staying in) and went out for dinner at a place called The Pheasant. It is an Italian resteraunt. It was absolutely delicious the food we had. Aidan had salmon for his starter Dad and I had a Faggatini which was a pastry box with sausage meat and broccoli inside. Mum had lots of cured meats. Then for the main Mum and I had flat gnocchi in a blue cheese sauce. Aidan had Taglatelli Carbonara and Dad had Pork Saltimbocca which is pork with salami on top which tasted incredible. After that we went back to the cottage.

SATURDAY: Today once we got up we packed the car and before we left the owner of the cottage came by and gave us some pancakes and tablet. After that we went back home.

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