Dancing Display

This year I had 5 dances to do. They were Ballet, Acrobatics, 2 tap preformances and jazz. All of which I love to do. I am currently in Grade 3 Ballet, Grade 2 tap, Silver Acro and Youth 1 jazz. I had many costumes this year. This is me and my friend Lyla in our costumes. I am on the left in one of my tap costumes. The next two pictures are of me and my friend Eildh. This is my ballet costume. I am on the right. This is my other tap costume. For my acro costume I wore white leggings with a blue leotard, orange wrist warmers, a white belt and pink ankle warmers. Finally for my Jazz costume I wore an orange crop top, a purple and yellow skirt, blue ankle warmers and pink fish net gloves. (Sadly I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of those two costumes). I really enjoyed the dancing display this year. : ) I hope that you enjoyed reading this post.

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