Beecraigs Country Park

It feels a bit wrong putting this here because we visit it so regularly, but it’s a great park.

On Saturday there was a light dusting of snow, so we went out to enjoy the unfamiliar look of a familiar place.

We decided to walk around Beecraigs Loch. Last year Aidan and Megan built a shelter here (Bear Grylls style), and they keep returning to see how it’s bearing up, and to add little bits and pieces. It’s doing quite well!

After the circuit of the loch we were briefly tempted by the red-blazed woodland walk, but when we realised we’d done it just a couple of months previously we decided this time we preferred to eat cake in a cafe in Linlithgow!

Plean Country Park

On Saturday we continued to implement our New Year’s resolution: exploring the walks and outings within a 45-minute radius of our home. We went to Plean Country Park, a beautiful park just a few minutes from the M9 at Stirling (J9).

We set off for a walk on one of the four marked paths around the estate. The maps and signs were excellent.

Plean House itself was imposing; the story of its ruin in 1973 was a sad one. This park could definitely use a tea rooms or a museum.

What really struck us, though, was the potential of this place: it’s a beautiful park, but it’s clearly a work in progress. The Friends of Plean Country Park are working hard to improve and develop it – we were impressed to see the clearing work they are doing throughout the park, removing storm debris but I think also invasive non-native species.

We can’t wait to go back in the spring – hopefully there will be bulbs in flower!

Devilla Forest

We went for a lovely walk yesterday in the Devilla Forest, near Kincardine. We haven’t explored this lovely forest enough – we’ve only been three times, and the first was back in 2008! We were delighted to see this time that a local couple has taken it upon themselves to investigate the history, and to put maps up around the forest with points of interest marked. Wow – thank you very much! I’m sure we’ll be back soon.

Moor Loch, with the boat house in the background

We walked around Moor Loch. It was a beautiful day for it, but there weren’t very many people out. Much less crowded than some other forest walks we’ve been on.

A and M by the entrance to the forest

Happy children after a good walk – off to get some lunch now!

C posted about our walk too.

–KW 😎