Devilla Forest

We went for a lovely walk yesterday in the Devilla Forest, near Kincardine. We haven’t explored this lovely forest enough – we’ve only been three times, and the first was back in 2008! We were delighted to see this time that a local couple has taken it upon themselves to investigate the history, and to put maps up around the forest with points of interest marked. Wow – thank you very much! I’m sure we’ll be back soon.

Moor Loch, with the boat house in the background

We walked around Moor Loch. It was a beautiful day for it, but there weren’t very many people out. Much less crowded than some other forest walks we’ve been on.

A and M by the entrance to the forest

Happy children after a good walk – off to get some lunch now!

C posted about our walk too.

–KW 😎

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