Plean Country Park

On Saturday we continued to implement our New Year’s resolution: exploring the walks and outings within a 45-minute radius of our home. We went to Plean Country Park, a beautiful park just a few minutes from the M9 at Stirling (J9).

We set off for a walk on one of the four marked paths around the estate. The maps and signs were excellent.

Plean House itself was imposing; the story of its ruin in 1973 was a sad one. This park could definitely use a tea rooms or a museum.

What really struck us, though, was the potential of this place: it’s a beautiful park, but it’s clearly a work in progress. The Friends of Plean Country Park are working hard to improve and develop it – we were impressed to see the clearing work they are doing throughout the park, removing storm debris but I think also invasive non-native species.

We can’t wait to go back in the spring – hopefully there will be bulbs in flower!

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  1. I love your blog! I am the Ranger for Stirling Council that looks after the east of Stirling, and I love Plean Country Park and am glad to see that you are also enjoying the place. I will keep following your adventures at the Park – we will be into the frog breeding season soon, and the two sets of ponds always have hundreds of newts and tadpoles in them. Take a look in the notice board for events and activities you may enjoy! Jennifer

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