My dancing Display in Stirling

(From May 28, apologies for delay! Her dancing display has been and was a fabulous success… maybe she will write a follow-up post?)

My dancing display is coming up I always have great fun doing it! My costumes look beautiful, my jazz costume is flowery and I haveĀ  a crop top in pink, orange and yellow.


My tap costume is a black/white music note dress (the skirt doesn’t go all the way round).


My ballet costume is absolutely beautiful it’s a pale blue dress and on the top half there’s glitter.Also on the top half there’s a white fabric flower it looks just amazing.I’m so glad that we’ve finally got all my costumes!


My jazz dance theme is the 60s my ballet theme is Rapunzel and the music is know I see the light. I don’t now what the theme is for it which is a shame.

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