Harry and Harrieta’s Adventure

Harry and Harrieta’s adventure. Wednesday 8th July 2014

One day Harry was flying around searching for food for his sister and himself. Then he saw a beautiful marsh harrier was sitting in her nest with her own eggs. So he stopped scavenging and flew over to her.

“hi there I’m Harry what’s your name?“ “I’m Harrieta and these are my chicks Mandy and James but there now old enough too live by them self now“.“but I see them occasionally.“. Do you want to come see my nest and my sister’s eggs“.“yeah sure why not“ “ok just tell me when you want to come ok bye“.“ bye “…

Later on that day Harrieta went too tell Harry she was ready. But Harry said that their egg had disappeared and his sister died of food poisoning. So Harrieta decided she would help look for the chick that was only 4 months old. And so they began to go east (because there was a note from the chick that said it was stolen by gobblie goop, the evil albatrican [albatross/pelican – Ed.] with rocket boosters on his ears).

Once they got to the most unusual point they could find they began to look for clues! “Harrieta, watch out for those rocks they’re poisonous, but gobblie goop`s favourite rock that he loves poisoning birds with.“ “Plus it’s absolute perfect ingredient for his poisoning birds potion that tastes and looks exactly like Tropicana fish“.“I’ll make sure I stay away from it now that I now“. Anyway they finally a clue there was bombs everyone so they began gradually and carefully go down the cliff.

Once they got down they finally found a trail of gloop that lead them strait to where gobblie goop was. They also saw the chick in a cage (it’s a boy) “it looks so handsome“ “yes yes he does“. They carefully sneaked in and hid and sending a message to the chick to distract gobblie goop while they made a trap. So once gobblie goop was distracted they set to work digging the pit once they did it up they covered it with strange slate. Then they sent another message to the chick saying they where ready and to lead gobblie goop to their trap.

First he walked into the one were his wings would get cut off then he smelt some poisoning food (he didn’t now that though). And lead himself tho the smell of the food and feel into the pit and are the food and lay dead.“yeah he`s finally gone for good“ “I now right“. They finally set the chick free and took it home. And of course they called him Ted.

The end

Written by Megan Wansbrough

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