Sea adventures

Friday 4th July 2014

There once lived a mermaid called Lily and her best friend Spark. One day there was a huge storm at sea. Lots of sea creatures got washed away into the deepest parts of the sea. Lily and spark were getting extremely worried about their pet fish Tropical and their pet dog Maya. Because they disappeared on the day of the storm. So they went out to lookout for clues, everything was wrecked apart from a deep cave called TEC, the endless cave. So after debating if they should go down into it or not they finally they decided they would get prepared and set out…

Later on that day they set out with their notebook, collecting bag and some dinner with all their under water tent and supplies. Once they entered the cave they started to explore. Suddenly “lookout spark , whew that was close you almost fell down with those rocks. “Are you ok though,“ “Yeah I’m fine, did you find anything?“ “No.” “Me neither“. “Come on lets keep looking“. Later on they found a note that said…

‘TEC The cave has an owner, his owner is Flamefly who can end the world unless someone finds my weapons vault 5000. Which there’s a button right behind, this note that leads you straight there…’

“oh no, the rest has been torn off, what are we going to do!?!?“.“ Wait, don’t bother, there’s a weird symbol on the back of it.““Remember we saw one that looks exactly the same…“ “Oh yeah, remember it was just down there, but l wonder what the button does.””Then how about you press it then spark,“ “I guess I should, why not, here goes…““`Whoa!!“.“That’s awesome!!!“…

They kept searching and searching to find the right weapons in the vault. Finally they found the right weapons since they went to the place they saw the symbol. 5 minutes later they were there and found the rest of the clue, it said…

Finally you shall find the symbol then you shall see the danger zone, thou shall fight for your life with your weapons…

So they did as they were told and began to fight. They finally managed to take on the major leader flamefly. Then they saw him attack, so they began to attack. 20 minutes later flamefly was dead and every one was saved. Now everyone had their pets back not injured and the sea was filed with life again. They were so happy they threw a great surprise party for Lily and Spark.

The end.

Written by Megan Wansbrough

2 thoughts on “Sea adventures

  1. Wow , my dearest Megan – what a magical story – How I loved it – look forward to the next one!!
    Much love

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