Eden project flowers!

On Friday 11th July we went to the Eden project and went into the outdoor biome, Mediterranean, the core and on Monday 7th (Aidan’s birthday!) we went into the rainforest biome. I took photos of flowers and I’ve got some information about them too. I didn’t have my camera on Monday though and so there’s no information or photos of them. Here are some photos of  flowers that I took on Friday.

Cornflower                                                                            Bougainvillea

DSCF1115                                                DSCF1052 You can use corn flowers as a border                              This is Grenada’s national flower.  for a flower a flower bed.

Hydrangea                                                                          Bird of paradise

DSCF1077                                      DSCF1055 Hydrangea’s are beautiful and if you                       Bird of paradise is a purple and orange  change the soil you  change the colour.                        plant that looks like a bird.

Lily                                                                           Water lily or lotus

DSCF1078                                 DSCF1105

You can get lily’s  in lots of different colours.                  Water lily’s are basically lily’s that                                                                                  grow in water that is dark pink and white.

Thank you for reading about the flowers I took photo’s of.

Written by Megan

One thought on “Eden project flowers!

  1. Thanks for showing us those, Megan. Do you remember the hydrangea and bouganvillea from Nan’s garden? She has a blue hydrangea just like in your photo. Uncle Martin and I had bird of paradise flowers in the flower arrangements at our wedding. They look really cool! I like the lily that you photographed, too.

    Lots of love,

    –Aunty Heather 🙂

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