Model Railway – Back on Track!!!

For years my railway has been disused, in a cold and dusty, dark attic; but now I’m putting it back on track as I begin on my new adventure to build my first model railway!!!

Layout Design

This layout design was our old track just changed quite a bit, we needed to keep changes minimal, because re-arranging is hard. I wouldn’t say it was my ideal layout, but it does works nicely, and daddy agreed to do all the new nails!!! The outer loop is the mainline, with the inner section containing the village, switch yard and coal mine.

Layout Map (rough draft):


LMS “Hughes Crab”

Before beginning on scenery I have to (note: present tense – more coming soon on this post) do some research. I have discovered my model train given to me by some friends, on my birthday one year, is a LMS No.13000 engine. This engine was produced between 1926 and 1932, which means my railway will be set just after that, which also is the time I was planning anyway.

My model LMS “Hughes Crab“:

IMG_0006LMS Engine No.68478

This train is a British railways engine No.68478, as of now I am unsure of anything about it, other than this number. Next week I will have done some research – Sorry for the Inconvenience

My model LMS Engine No.68478:


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