Banff Holiday!

This year, during our Easter holidays we stayed in a static caravan in Banff, a pretty little town situated on the south coast of the Moray Firth, about 30 miles west of Fraserburgh.

(The image to the left was our view of the town of Banff along the beach on the first evening)

The journey north was pretty long, due to the fact we chose to follow the coast, but it was beautifully sunny, and we had plenty to do, so it wasn’t that bad! I got some very pretty photos at the spot where we had lunch in Forfar, looking out across Forfar Loch at all the birds that were swimming in the water there. It was a very sunny day, which made traveling that little bit nicer!

Tufted Ducks. I didn’t realise they weren’t just mallards – so I didn’t get any closer up pictures 🙁

Swan on Forfar Loch

In addition, I was lucky enough to stumble upon two butterflies perched elegantly on a dandelion – this was probably the closest I’d ever been to a butterfly! The pictures I got with them really prove how powerful my new camera is. Looking closely at the picture, you can see just how “royal” they look, with the gold colourings, the vivid orange and black – I now know why it’s known as a monarch butterfly!I also got some pretty landscape shots with the trees and the sunshine, experimenting with various angles.

The sun was still shining as we arrived at the caravan, so we got to go to the park for a bit, before heading to bed. The caravan was a 12×35 ft model, so the rooms were a little narrow, but they were definitely comfy and cozy, so I got a good night’s sleep (except being woken by the sun at 6:45…)


On Monday we went on a walk along by the river Deveron, the river dividing Banff and its neighboring town MacDuff. Part of the reason we chose a walk down the river valley was because of the ridiculously high winds that day, causing weird effects in the breaking of the waves, and large sprays flying across the waves; not to mention the rivers of sand streaming across the beach!

But under tree cover by the river was a nice pretty walk, and was actually pretty calm and quiet despite the wind. We encountered many landmarks and old places of significance of our walk, including a mausoleum, an ice house and a large bridge towering at least 20 meters over the river, providing for a stunning view.


It was on Tuesday we decided to go and visit the cardinal point of Peterhead, the Eastern-most point in Scotland; thus completing our visits to the Northern-most Point, Dunnet Head (2014), the Western Point, the Ardnamurchan Peninsula (2012), and the Southern, the Mull of Galloway (2016). And, after the stunning views at all 3 other points, as well as them all bragging about being a famous landmark, as well as cliff-top geocaches, we weren’t expecting an industrialised oil port with just a road barrier to look at. Also, someone had the idea to call the Eastern-most publicly accessible point in Scotland, North Street… The geocache was on a bridge that had recently been dismantled, so we set off for Fraserburgh for geocaches. Fraserburgh had a cool museum about their history, and it also had the cool gold and white lighthouse design we’d seen at the other points around the country. But it was a very fun day, despite the slight disappointment in Peterhead, which did have a nice bay where we had lunch by.

Thank you for reading about our holiday in Banff, and I will be back soon with a post about Burgie House!!

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  1. Lovely descriptions – looking forward to Burgie House!
    Love Grandma xxxx

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