Model Railway – LMS Coronation Class

As I promised, I am writing a post about my LMS Coronation Class engine, The City of Bristol.

These engines were built between 1937 and 1948, they were the most powerful passenger steam train ever built for a British railway company; with 3300 horsepower, they were more powerful than the diesels that replaced them! I actually have a plan to change my model from its semi-streamlined condition which the model was of, to the streamlined condition, using a diagram I found in the SRPS archive store. After doing the streamlining I will change it to its LMS livery, which is red. (Please note this won’t happen for a while). In the futureĀ  when I use the diagram, I might post a picture showing its size! – it’s a 1:8 scale diagram of a 26m long train!

A picture of my model:


A picture of the engine in its ‘Streamlined’ and ‘Semi-streamlined’ conditions:



I am very sorry that this post was delayed by a week, as I had delays finding pictures.

I’ll be putting out a new post in the near future; however, I’m not putting a date on it – don’t want to repeat the same mistake twice!!!

-Update, the conversion, I’ve decided, would be too difficult, so I have no plans to go forward with converting it to streamlined (which is a shame). Sorry.

3 thoughts on “Model Railway – LMS Coronation Class

  1. [from Nan and Grandad via email]

    Thank you Aidan,

    That was very interesting to hear about the research on your train. Keep at it!

    Nan and Grandad

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