Christmas Crafts – Felt, Felt and a Whole Lot More Felt!!!

Hello again everyone – it’s been a long time since my last post, things have been very busy lately with my Webpage, and a whole bunch of other things.

Anyway, yesterday I had a whole day(starting from 11:45am as we had special breakfast and delivered cards), and I decided to do some felting – a hobby of mine that I’ve just began to get serious about. I’ve been making a bunch of different things, for different presents for different people. Yesterday I worked for quite a few hours, rolling the mat back and forward 1300 times (counting each time I went forward) – that’s a LOT, though I probably spent a fair bit longer actually making the felt before I rolled it.


My Felting Setup, with wool, silk, my mat, my bag, scissors for the silk and a fair bit more!

I definitely got my exercise yesterday too – you may be wondering how can you get exercise from craft – the answer is, to get more downward force, I jump every single repetition!┬áJumping 1300 times is quit a lot, and so I decided to take a break today!20141220_171306

The Finished Products – Planets for Megan’s felt Solar system, and felt strips for candle-holder borders.

Thank-you for reading this post – you may have realized that I wrote most of this post on Sunday 21st December, talking about Saturday 20th, yet this post was released on the 27th – this is because I couldn’t release images until people received their presents. Thank-you for understanding.

One thought on “Christmas Crafts – Felt, Felt and a Whole Lot More Felt!!!

  1. What a lot of effort you have put into your Christmas presents Aidan – they were much appreciated too! Well done! xx

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