Megan’s Memories

Last time we went to New Zealand was when I was three and I had some memories from then. Here they all are.

My first memory was the rainbow car wash. We did it while Aidan was at school which was really cool. The main reason why I was so happy was because in Scotland we only sometimes have a two-colour car wash and that’s only for special occasions.


My second memory was my ballet class. It’s directly across from the awesome rainbow car wash. I loved it so so much it was probably my favourite thing I did in New Zealand when I was three. Then when it was time for us to leave New Zealand my teacher was devastated. She kept saying to mummy that she had to send me to a good dancing school back in Scotland. Which she did and look were I am now, about to do my ballet exam and go into grade 3.


Another memory I have is when I went to kindergarten. I made my only friend there her name was Lily and she was so kind to me. Also Aidan was friends with her older brother sadly though we can’t remember his name. 🙁

My final memory was in Nan and Grandad’s back garden. When Aidan and I were picking their delicious lemons from the tree. I also remember the trampoline they have very well. I Love Nan and Grandad’s back garden so much because it’s just so adventurous.


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