Sunshine and new growth


5/6: carrot 22/4: beetroot 7/5: kale (green)(X) 5/6: parsnip 22/4: kale (black) 7/5 then again on 5/6: rocket wild
5/6: spinach 22/4: spinach 7/5: rainbow chard 5/6: rainbow chard 22/4: lettuce (plus extra on 5/6) 7/5: salad leaves(X)

Megan and I are pretty happy with how it looks, and we’ve eaten our first spinach leaves! Yay!

Today we also added more spinach and chard, filled in some gaps in the lettuce row, re-sowed the rocket since the first lot didn’t take, and added carrots and parsnips. Fingers crossed! On the upper bed the beans are struggling on, plus two peas and (maybe) a squash. We added some more peas, and gave it all a good water.

Megan saw me putting another layer of soil on the potatoes. “Are you sure it’s OK to bury them Daddy?” 🙂 She was also very proud of herself figuring out how to balance the hose so she didn’t need to hold it while watering the very thirsty Acer.

Nice to have some good garden news to report!

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