Cats and storms

After the enthusiasm of the last post, we’re a bit sad now. The crazy winds we’ve been having, and the neighbour’s cat, have joined together to spell the end of most of the seedlings 🙁 I think one squash (A) has survived, but the rest are dead. Megan and Aidan are sad, but we should be growing some more soon. The lower bed is doing much better – the cat tried to hurt the spinach too, but it’s pretty hardy.

A couple of weekends ago Megan and I planted some strawberries in our strawberry planter. For posterity, here is what they were: Pegasus (slots 1-4, 7, 8), Dar Select (5, top near 5), Honeyoye (6, top near 7). They’re doing pretty well on the whole, as are our potatoes.

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