Yet more spring gardening

The seedlings in our propagator are pretty huge – at least, those that have come up, which is almost all of them. So on a lovely rainy afternoon (yesterday, 7/5) we planted up most of our seedlings, and added a second planting of seeds. The peppers aren’t big enough yet, and only one of the dwarf beans is visible at all and it’s really tiny, so both of those remain in the propagator for now.

Upper bed:


Peas —–

Squash (A)(o)

Pumpkin (B)(o)





Cucumber (F)


Squash (D)


(o) – not quite certain of the order here, sadly.

You can just see the spinach and black kale pushing through now, after two weeks!

Lower bed:

22/4: beetroot 7/5: kale (green)(X) 22/4: kale (black) 7/5: rocket wild
22/4: spinach 7/5: rainbow chard 22/4: lettuce 7/5: salad leaves(X)

(X) – last year’s seeds

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