Touring The Country [Part 2]

Touring New Zealand was a very exciting time, though it did involve huge amounts of driving! I have split my diary of our six day tour into 3 segments, this being number 2. I hope you enjoy reading my posts, thank-you!

Day 4
It was Sunday morning and we all (at least in the tent) woke quite late, to the sound of being called to breakfast, which in my opinion is probably the best thing to wake up to! Church this morning was nice, I rarely get to stay in for the sermon, so it’s always interesting for me when there’s not Sunday School to go to. The sermon was about New Year’s resolutions and the book of James, we even sung a song we know from our church (I was surprised as I thought it wasn’t even known as far as Linlithgow!), but the actions were different(not surprising!). We had lunch with one of my dad’s cousins, and their children who we had fun playing darts and shooting each other with Nerf guns, we didn’t go anywhere else today except Great Aunt Elsbeth’s place for dinner, where we updated an old family photograph of hers in which I was a baby and Megan wasn’t present.


Wanganui Church

Day 5
Today was our second goodbye, and a third drive we’re going on to see friends, at least this one’s shorter though we still had the same time to get there which meant more stops. No giant carrots this time, but plenty of geocaches – of the hundreds there were to choose from, we searched for (and found) three – of which I can claim 2, unusual for me I thought (to be fair they were the easiest). We had morning tea and lunch on the road, which meant we did a little walking around the towns/villages, learning about the Scandinavian influence in the area. But the most interesting town was by far Bulls, which was very enjoya-bull! as Bulls is well known for it’s laugha-bull signs! Seriously, everywhere you looked were these horri-bull-y bad puns. I loved seeing all the hilariously bad jokes on all the signs in the town, pretty much everywhere, it seems everyone was taking part in the pun spirit, even the extinguish-a-bull fire station, it was probably the highlight of my day, other than arriving at our friends place.



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