Model Railway – More Research

Last weekend we went on a camping holiday to Port Ban, on the West coast of Scotland. As our trip took us through Loch Lomond and The Trossachs national park, exactly where I’m setting my model, I paid attention to houses, and things I will include on the railway.

Next up was houses/buildings which I will need to model, increasingly more important discovering my shop and church models are in O (churches don’t look different). The houses I saw were rectangular, with a roof slanting down to the longer walls. The houses were painted white, with slate roofs, and often vertical windows sticking out of the roof. Sadly I didn’t get any photos, due to bad planning, but you will see in the future some photos of the models.

Something I noticed was that the forests down low were actually not at all pine, and contained a mixture of other trees. Which means for one thing my forests don’t have to be boring, and secondly I can use the trees I have.

Photos show sections of non-pine forest (it was wet…):

IMG_0036IMG_0044Scaled IMG_0031.2

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