Seed planting

On Sunday we decided it might almost be warm enough to plant out some seeds. This time we sowed seeds (for salad leaves, mainly) directly in the top bed, and left the bottom bed mostly clear to take seedlings. The upper bed is exposed to a cold draft from behind the playhouse, and is a bit more shaded.

Top bed, left to right (6 drills across whole bed):

  • 1, 2: Spinach Scenic F1 Hybrid.
  • 3, 4: Lettuce: Lollo Rossa, Little Gem, Red Salad Bowl.
  • 5: Chard: Swiss chard bright lights (Suttons), spinach beet chard white silver 2 (Dobie).
  • 6: Rocket wild, Broccoli (sprouting) early purple, Salad leaves (Morgan 881).

Bottom bed, left to right (4 drills at 100mm spacing across left quarter, then 1 drill, then lots of empty space):

  • 1-4: Pea Jumbo. Self-supporting, so needs to be close. We probably need to do it closer, so will infill after a couple of weeks.
  • 5: Spring onion winter white bunching

All planted 2012-04-29.  We put spikes in to try and keep the neighbour’s cat off. Let’s see if it helps!

Aidan did an awesome job weeding at the bottom of the garden, but I didn’t get a photo – sorry.

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