Taking off from Glasgow Airport

This is me pulling my suitcase at Glasgow Airport.

This is me and the air hostess. There were two air hostesses, a man and a woman. Here I am with one of them – the other one is taking the photo! I spent a lot of time talking to them during the long flight.

This is a photo looking outside the plane, near the “B” door.

This is me at Singapore. I was on the climbing frame at the airport.

This is the important thing that you need to look at when you’re on the plane. It’s the rules to follow if you have an accident.

Here is the flight map on the TV screen, and the stars in the ceiling.

This is our plane – we’ve now landed in Auckland airport!

We came from Scotland to New Zealand and were tired and we are asleep!

(Aidan dictated the text of this post.)

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