We’re here!

We’re here! Stepping out of the car at my parents’ place felt like
stepping into a tropical rainforest – everything was so green and
moist and colourful.

We’ve had a lovely couple of days so far in Auckland. On our first
day we went to Mission Bay, and Aidan played with seaweed on the beach
and made a nest for some pigeons. Megan chased the pigeons and walked
along the sea wall, and the rest of us chatted.

Nan and Grandad are keen to play lots with the kids, so today was
similar – we went to climb some trees in Cornwall Park, a big park
gifted to the city by one of the founders of Auckland. The history
wasn’t so important to the kids, but the gnarly trees and rock walls
were a big draw. The fine icecreams went down pretty well too.

Auckland is very sunny, but it didn’t betray its reputation for sudden
change. Yesterday on the motorway it went from brilliant sunshine to
six inches (150mm) of water in less than five minutes! It slowly
returned to its previous condition, but not before causing at least
one accident just before rush hour.

Tomorrow we’ll go to Muriwai, a wild ocean beach in the Waitakere
Ranges near where The Piano was filmed. Rock scrambling, gannets,
geology, and a picnic should keep us all well occupied.

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